Welcome to Shrewsbury Quakers

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we are holding Zoom meetings each week at 10.30am on Sundays, and also at 7pm on Wednesday evenings.

For further information about Zoom meetings or to discuss Quaker friendship, please email or phone Carol on 01743 357132 (about meetings only, please).

Meeting for Worship is normally 10.30am each Sunday in the main Meeting Room.  When we do meet in the Meeting House again, you will find a welcomer at the door.  Let this doorkeeper know it’s your first visit and they will show you where the Meeting Room is and offer you some information, leaflets and a small copy of Advices and Queries.

After the meeting, we serve coffee, a variety of teas, and biscuits. Do stay and tell us about yourself and ask any questions you may have. There is no charge for refreshments, but you are welcome to make a donation if you wish.





Quakers offer a form of worship that is distinct from other faiths. Besides meeting other like-hearted people, Quakers offer a winsome invitation to encounter the Divine. This is an invitation to listen in the company of others who have gathered together anticipating an encounter with the Divine. We gather in silence and listen openly to the Divine, to God, the Light, the Seed, the Inward Teacher, the Living Christ – whatever name you choose. The encounter may come through spoken word, a song, a smile, or through the silence.  Women, men, and children are equally able to give vocal ministry, to speak if they feel led to do so. This experience can help first-time visitors and new attenders find meaning in the profoundly spiritual way we worship.

Meeting for Worship
You are invited to meet with Quaker Friends and join us in expectant waiting and Spirit-led ministry. The silence of worship is not a passive silence.  We are actively seeking a glimpse of the Divine. The special discipline of the Quaker way is to listen with more than our ears. We listen for a voice that speaks not only in words, but also in gentle tugs on our hearts, images, and insights arising in our minds, in the beauty our eyes behold, and the gratitude we feel. So come to meeting expecting to listen, and perhaps, to be transformed.

Quaker Faith and Practice – Advices and Queries

The deeply spiritual nature of our worship is one reason it is important to have materials to explain Quaker worship. Quaker Faith and Practice was first published in 1738 in manuscript (1783 in print), but is revised every generation – my copy is the 10th edition.  Its first chapter introduces Advices & Queries.  The 42 A&Qs are available as a small booklet. The A&Qs form a useful introduction to the Quaker way of life.  There will be a copy on the central table and you can read this during the meeting, out of interest, but especially if you find the silence overwhelming at first.

Quaker Links

The Quaker Tapestry:

The Quaker Bookshop:>resources

Quaker Faith and Practice (5th Edition):


A Walk Around our Meeting House

Shrewsbury Quakers moved to this meeting house in 1985.  It was previously an Anglican church hall.

The lobby. The front door opens into a short outer lobby which leads into the main lobby, with a table, notice boards, and Quaker material available for Friends’ use. Off the outer lobby are two toilets one suitable for wheelchair users has a shower. There is also a door to the Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room. This room can be used by groups during the day. It is also available for overnight stays.

Welcome room. This room, off the main lobby, has a low table and easy chairs. It can be used for welcoming visitors or for meetings of small groups.
To the left, off the lobby, is a passage leading to the stairs.  Straight ahead, there is a short passage to the Main Meeting Room. On the left before the main Meeting Room door is a kitchen.

The main Meeting Room, with its high ceilings and exposed roof supports, runs the full width of the building. This room is equipped with a hearing loop.  Off one corner is a storeroom containing spare chairs, tables, and cleaning materials. From the other corner, a short lobby gives access to the library. There are two toilets off this lobby one of which also has a shower and is wheelchair accessible.

Library. In addition to books, the library contains many of the Meeting records, pamphlets, and similar material. By the French windows there are some easy chairs and a low table.  These windows give access to the garden area.  Off the library is a door to a small kitchen.

Upstairs The stairs, off the main lobby at the front, give access to the quiet room and the children’s room on the first floor.

Outside. On the right-hand side of the building, there is a ramped wheelchair access to the Main Meeting room. Carrying on along the path to the rear there is a small garden with bench seating.  The garden is also accessible from the library.  The other side of the building has a concrete path and grass.

All parts of the Meeting House can be booked separately or together. The Rainbow Room is available for overnight stays. See Room Hire page for photos.  A calendar of bookings is available on the notice board in the lobby

Environmental policy
Our water is precious (and metered); we try to use it as sparingly as is hygienic.
Waste management
We aim to re-use what we can, reduce wastage and recycle as much as is possible. There are recycling containers located in the main kitchen.
Sustainable purchasing
Wherever practical and affordable we try to purchase eco- friendly and ethically sourced products from sustainable sources.